Monday, October 19, 2009

Firecracker Gloves

Firecracker Gloves, originally uploaded by dkim6599.
I love these fingerless gloves designed by Rea Saakshi!

I bought this Serenity sock yarn a while ago at Jo-ann fully intending to make socks from it. But no matter what sock pattern I tried I had a hard time working with the yarn. It's dark and stretchy, and with the small hook I just couldn't quite get anything going right. (Might also have something to do with my near vision getting worse. Eek, bifocals here we come).

The Stitch is Half Double Herringbone which was new to me. It's a very cute stitch that isn't at all lacy but provides some texture. Unfortunately photographs don't seem to do it justice. Despite my frustration with the Serenity yarn it worked beautifully for these gloves and it turns out to be a very decent inexpensive sock yarn.

The pattern can be found for free on Rea's blog. S'like a spider fell out...

Firecracker Gloves


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