Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Day I Took a Powder, Part II

If you feel like it, you can read Part I here (or you can just scroll down a bit).

It's been a couple of days; naturally I've lost all interest in this topic. However, I'm working on follow through, so here's the rest of the story.

When we left off I had, um, retired to my boudoir for the afternoon after an emotionally difficult morning, leaving two small children to fend for themselves. I sure hope I managed to leave you in suspense just a wee bit because what really happened is...

Nothing! Nothing! See, all that set up and I discovered that, left to their own devices for a few hours they rallied to the cause, so to speak, and proved that they can in fact manage themselves quite well. I had a very relaxing time of it. I even fell asleep for an hour and yet our house isn't burned to the ground. Why this happened I'm not sure. I can go horse telling them to go play, find something to do, give me an hour, and they just can't manage it.

As far as I can tell they played cars in the bath tub, played in the tent in JD's room, dissolved some Tutti Fruitti's in some old Mike's bottles so they could have a drink like mommy (oh-oh), ate some junk food, watched a moderate amount of TV. EJ got his homework done without me hounding him. They cleaned up (sort of) when I told them I wasn't coming down to make dinner until they did. The biggest thing: NO FIGHTING! That is unheard of. That is HUGE! They actually got along swimmingly for several hours!

If I've learned anything useful it's that I should just go on strike every now and then. It seems that it's good for me and maybe even good for them. Next time maybe I'll go shopping instead. Don't worry. I won't leave them alone.

The dog is here.


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