Thursday, June 3, 2010


T is in Massachusetts orienting for the new job and I'm here in NY in the worst mood! He's going out to dinner with his pal and I'm sitting here getting on my kids for nothing they've done. It must be PMS right?

Other randomness: My laptop touch pad button is not working; annoying! There are tons of weeds in our front hedge and every time I think I ought to do something about it I get started and give up. I spent $100 on shoes yesterday (just 2 pair) and I feel guilty. I shouldn't really, I think I've bought one pair of shoes in the last three years and I needed them. But still.

Oh, totally random funny thing. Last week EJ and I watched 3 ducks fly in circles around our neighborhood for at least 5 minutes. Two males and one female. I think the males were fighting over the female. The last time they flew overhead they were close enough to see that the first male had a bloody behind--guess he was the loser.

All of my complaints are nothing. I really didn't need to see this post on The Big Picture today but I'm glad I did. Utterly and completely heartbreaking. The lives lost, both human and animal is inexcusable. Now I've read that some people (thankfully not the ones that matter) have suggested nuking the well. We did this and we need to go to oil rehab. Now. If this isn't the time then when? Forget Cap & Trade, we need legislature that will make it profitable to use green energy sources. Okay, so really I don't know what needs to be done but something right?

Actually, I do know...My husband's idea*. Molecular transporters. Yes, we need Star Trek tech! I pretend he's a goof, but seriously. Can you imagine! Your morning commute - head to the local transport station and woosh, now you are in NYC, Paris, London. Sure, sometimes our molecules would get scrambled but could that possibly be worse than this oil crap?

*okay, since Star Trek came up with it first, I guess T can't take credit.

Sigh...'nuff for tonight.


S said...

Sounds like you need a hug. Sending one your way :)

If it helps, I have weeds in my hedges, I spent $98 on a bathing suit that won't even fit next summer, and I feel guilty too. Sometimes it helps if I know I'm not alone. So let me tell are not alone.

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