Friday, August 20, 2010

Semi-Official Home Learners here

Well, I sent of our education plan for EJ the other day. Part of me feels like it's no big deal, we're doing it no matter what hoops we have to jump  through. But, the part of me that wants approval, wants things to go smoothly, will have a bit of anxiety tucked away somewhere inside waiting for the day I get my first communication back from the district.


EJ is raring to go, I'm still wanting to get the house more in order first. I'm gratified that he seems to be excited--I know it's a big unknown for him. The other day he asked me if we could have recess like he does at school. I chuckled and explained that I expect he will have much more free time than 20 minutes of recess.


A funny thing about moving and doing home schooling is that everyone in your new neighborhood immediately asks about school and I can't bluff my way though it. I'm pretty sure they'd notice when my kid isn't getting on the bus. Who knows what most of them are thinking about us "crazy" home schoolers. ;) So far I've gotten reactions from 'cool, we wanted to homeschool' from a jovial "are you crazy!". I'm sure we'll get more questions as we get to know everyone, I just hope I can answer them without sounding like a doofus.


S said...

Congratulations! I have confidence in you :) Have you found a local support group for homeschoolers?

Marian said...

i have to work on my elevator speech for when people ask me why we homeschool. brilliant, and not inviting of additional questions, that's why i'm going for.

dawn said...

S, Yes! We found a group and are starting to make some connections.

Marian - I need a stock answer too. Although I don't mind the occasional question. I don't want to sound like I'm bashing the schools their kids are probably attending.

Holmes Family said...

I hope things go smoothly with your district. My oldest usually answers when someone will ask if he went to school or why he isn't in school. No negative comments yet. A few "oh I don't think I could ever do that", and then we discuss how our day goes and so forth. But so far so good. I think the fact that my son answers keeps the stupid comments away.

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