Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Poems

Tossed uncomfortably
Voyage to Plimoth
Seasick, scared, optimistic Pilgrims

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

Yummy food
Lots of fun
Holiday to give thanks

We don't do a lot of creative writing–it's not something that comes easily to EJ so I try to only do small bits at a time. I've been seeing a lot of these poems from my awesomely creative friend at so I thought we'd give one a try and ended up completing two!

I think I skipped creative writing in school don't actually know what a Cinquain is. If you are like me check out this wiki article for starters. As part of our First Thanksgiving study we did a modified Cinquain from a lesson plan we found on Hot Chalk.

The form looks like this:

Title (one word)
Description of title (two words)
Action (three words)
Feelings (four words)
Refer back to title (one word)

Mayflower was done together, brainstorming for each of the lines before writing. After brainstorming EJ put each line together himself. He then wrote Thanksgiving completely on his own. He didn't do any brainstorming which might have allowed for a bit more creativity but I really liked that he came up with it fairly easily. He was engaged and that's big! These really are very simple and easy to do poems–great for increasing confidence. I think we'll bring this lesson up more often now that I am familiar with the form.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my friends! 


Benjamin and Laura said...

Fantastic job--LOVE them, particularly the first! Thanks for the great idea...

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! xo

dawn said...

Thank you Laura. We had a very nice Thanksgiving. It sounds like you did too! Was this the first year off the island?

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