Sunday, April 25, 2010

Some rambling and Eyeglasses!

I have a hard time blogging much. I'm a slow writer. There are a few reasons, one is that I'm almost always interrupted by the kids. They seem to know when I'm using my brain and try their best to make sure that doesn't happen. But really, it's not their fault; the biggest hurdle for me is that I'm a very slow writer. Particularly if it's going to be "published" in any form. And by published I mean in an Email, a blog, message board etc. I find when I sit down to write my thoughts don't seem to be all that well organized or focused. I try to fit too much in and I edit myself like crazy. I have a few things I'd like to blog about but it takes me so long with so many interruptions that I end up giving up and scrapping the whole post. Clearly I am not a natural writer (or speaker for that matter), but it's a skill I'd like to hone a bit more. I spend a lot of time thinking but when it comes to putting "pen to paper" I somehow seem to forget what it was I was thinking about. Maybe this is a symptom of my internal nature! For now, I should try to stick with documenting things that happen in our lives. So for today here's a quicky about EJ and his new eyeglasses.

T has been wearing glasses since age 7, I've been wearing them not as long, since my older teens; so it was no surprise when EJ (7 in June) came home with a eye test form from the health office indicating that he needed further testing.

I think this was a hard thing for my husband. As he described it, the glasses "sealed my fate" as an unpopular kid. I feel badly for the little boy that felt that way. But I'm not worried about Ethan - glasses really are no big deal these days. Not that a lot of kids this young wear glasses, but I suspect it's much more common now than it was in the 1970's.

He was a trooper at the eye exam which took an hour! I wasn't there - my husband took him. But I can't even imagine how he stayed focused and on track for that long. I'm sure it was very tiring for him. He was excited to go pick out his glasses later that day. He knows what he likes - blue. Now I, personally loved the same frame in black. It really went well with his dark hair and eyes. But then I'm not the one wearing them and really it doesn't matter to me what color he chooses. I think he looks adorable!

After we picked up the glasses he was out playing with one of his neighborhood friends. Later that day when I asked him how it was going with the glasses he commented that "no one has made fun of me" which I thought was interesting. He seemed nothing but excited and happy to be getting glasses but somewhere in there he must have had some small concern about being different. 

I'm glad he's enjoying them and having a good experience. I would be very surprised if he got any flack from his friends about wearing them - at least at this age. 

Happy Sunday everyone! It's raining here so it will be a quiet one for us.


S said...

I really like them! Robotson only has to wear his for reading and the computer, but he insists on wearing them all the time. He says they make him look smart and girls like smart boys. Maybe he's on to something there... :)

Debbie said...

I think the eyeglasses make him look like a distinguished boy.;) Really-- he looks so cute and GROWN UP! What happened to these babies?!

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