Saturday, May 1, 2010

I need a bike and I need to start taking more pictures!

We went to the bike path this morning; I don't have a bike anymore, we sold mine before we left California. Of course I can't keep up with the kids, me on foot them on bikes. The kids are great; somehow they manage to remember the rules. Keep to the right. Let someone know if you are passing (always pass on the left) and for the love of all that is good and right in the world, please stop now and then and give your mom a chance to catch up! Today EJ pulled out his magnifying glass at every stop while JD picked wildflowers. Eventually I catch up and we continue on. It was fun, we all enjoyed it and I even got to see my friend Maria with her family (Hey! It's great to see you, (huff, huff) I've got to catch up with the kids now. Bye!).

I wish I'd had my camera. I used to take tons of pictures until I realized one day that I was actually missing out on the fun of just being with the kids because I had my head behind the camera all the time. Plus it's about 10 times harder chasing after two kids from behind a camera than it is chasing after one. So I stopped trying and decided to live in the moment more and not worry about getting every cute photo. I'm sure it was the right decision, but I want to strike a balance. I so rarely take pictures of the kids anymore and I miss it. So I am going to try to start taking more photos here and there. Just of every day stuff. 


Melzer said...

I totally enjoyed this post. And, YES! Take more pics! I miss your photos. Balance is hard, but a great goal. :)

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