Monday, June 28, 2010


The other day we made a trip to Toys R Us so EJ could spend some of his birthday gift cards. We made what I think is a great score on wooden blocks called CitiBlocs.

The picture is small, but can you see them?  The kids frolicking in and around their playhouse sized creations? Take particular note of the girl doing the handstand and the other girl leaping to a tower (both in the background). Well EJ saw these and wanted them. I'll admit I was completely turned off by the picture and carefully explained that he wouldn't be able to do what these kids are doing. But they were deeply discounted; the 200 piece set was marked $14.98 down from $44.99. It's his money so I said let's get them. Is it weird that the first thing I did when I got home was to look them up on Amazon to see if we'd made a mistake? These days I can't buy anything without first checking the reviews on Amazon.


I have to say I'm rather impressed with these blocks. Yes, they are all the same size which seems a bummer at first. It's really not though. Unlike other blocks that are supposedly "precision cut" these really seem to be. They really are all exactly the same size and they build really well. They are very light weight and therefore easy for little hands to manipulate. There is a little booklet that comes with them showing creations that can be made. I like them so much we went back today and bought a second set. These blocks can't be beat at this price.


Here are the boys making their first tower. They made it as tall as they could reach and still didn't use all of the 200 pieces.


With 400 pieces, I envision one day having an entire city just like the one the box.


Yeah...right! ;)


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